Public Contracts and Public Procurement

Public contracts and Public Procurement take a big part of our lawyer’s time. Baño León advises public Agencies on the drafting and procurement of public contracts and frequently drafts expert legal opinions in this regard. In addition, we have represented successfully many clients on the illegal allocation of tenders as well as on termination proceedings.

Among the recent successes of the firm, we have challenged a tender for the provision of water supply services by a town hall, having obtained the award of the contract in favor of our client; we have also obtained the alteration of the terms of a public contract to restore the economic equilibrium as a result of the economic crisis. We have likewise advised the owners of several harbor concessions that the Authorities wanted to terminate prior to their time of expiration.

Baño León has also undertaken legal actions, both at the administrative and judicial level, against the Administration for unpaid fees for public contracts, having obtained both the due amounts plus the interests accrued.

Moreover, José Mª Baño León, as an expert on the field, was commissioned by the Spanish Congress to contribute to the debate on the reform of the Spanish Act on Public Contracts.