Local Administrations

An important part of our clientele is comprised of local entities which have a long standing relationship with us. The firm advices these Administrations in their day to day legal problems, such as the provision of public services, the procurement of contracts with third parties, the negotiation of agreements with other public administrations, the granting of public subsidies or the handling of planning or environmental issues.

Baño León routinely represents local administrations in lawsuits brought by individuals or corporations against administrative acts of the municipalities. The firm has successfully defended the interests of town halls in liability suits, exonerating them from the disbursement of considerable amounts of money as the result, for example, of not executing certain urban plans previously adopted. Recently, the firm has successfully represented the interests of a local municipality in the lawsuit brought by a parking concession as a result of the termination of the concession by the Administration.

Baño León also counsels individuals against public administrations regarding administrative licenses, authorizations, taxes, etc.